. Help a charity for the holidays, check out PennLive’s 2022 “Wish List” featuring the needs of nonprofit organizations in central Pa.CalMatters’ analysis of data from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation found that, from 2016 to 2021, California prisoners in “enhanced outpatient” mental health treatment were moved three times more often, on average, than other prisoners. The data shows that incarcerated people in the system’s enhanced mental health program — which provides the highest level of outpatient mental health care for prisoners — averaged five moves during the time period, compared to an average 1.5 transfers for people in the general prison population. .

. The project, known as Transformation Hill, recently got a boost: $17.4 million in funding to redevelop two former Dana College dormitories, Mickelsen and Blair Halls, into affordable housing.Illinois is seen in many regards as the “blue island” of the Midwest. That perspective is now extending to transgender and nonbinary issues, including gender-confirming health care.In an interview with Chief Healthcare Executive, the chief health officer of Oracle Health talks about the role of data in closing disparities. She also offers guidance for hospitals aiming to improve equity in care.

People of color underrepresented in mental health fields as patients seek connections

The percentage of U.S. psychologists and psychiatrists who are Black and Latino is far lower than those groups’ proportion of the population, according to federal data and a 2020 study.

As it drizzled outside, Melanie Rodriguez methodically organized her few belongings inside a small white house with yellow trim and a front porch. She hung a purse on a hook, arranged paintbrushes on a desk, placed feminine hygiene products inside a cabinet.

“Tiny homes are PTSD salve,” said the 51-year-old. “Here there is privacy and quiet and safety.”

. The IU School of Social Work and Center for Rural Engagement have launched these services with a grant from the state of Indiana.

A new study from Veronica Gallo, a researcher with the School of Nursing, highlights how faith community nurses can be key to addressing the mental health needs of people who attend churches, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship. Her findings appear in the Journal of Christian Nursing.ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — As student anxiety skyrockets, campus ministries are trying to help by not only offering the comforts of faith and community, but also creating collaborations with mental health professionals. College students have high levels of mental health issues and low issues of religiosity. They could be helped if schools were more welcoming of religion on campus.

Survey finds they seek counseling and support at higher rates than in secular schools.The rate of mental health problems, including anxiety and depression, has steadily increased over the past eight years, with rates even worse among racial and ethnic minority students. Mental-health services can be expensive. But here are some ways to get help at a lower cost.Boys from working-class families benefit from the social capital that religious belief can provide.

Pandemic Expands Mental Health Resources at Christian Colleges

Counselors, students, chaplains, and professors alike are doing their part to help. . . According to data from the Fortunately, there are many effective strategies and treatments to help individuals who are struggling with mental illness. The Sta.