At a time when China’s zero-COVID policy continues to interrupt offline work and face-to-face interactions, Dominic Penaloza, the former head of innovation and technology at WeWork China, is introducing a bold idea — on-demand work booths placed in public locations — and has managed to quickly raise capital for the business. Penaloza named his new. . The latest Tweet by TechCrunch states, ‘WeWork China’s former tech head introduces on-demand work pods for mental health . ‘ 📲 WeWork China’s Former Tech Head Introduces On-demand Work Pods for Mental Health – Latest Tweet by TechCrunch.Barely half a century ago, your finances, your business, and your everyday life were managed in distinct ways. You withdrew cash to pay for groceries, paid your supplier with a check, and getting a line of credit could be difficult if you weren’t a large corporation or wealthy individual. But today, thanks to embedded finance,. .

Data shows that for upstart tech companies in the country, Q3 2022 was the worst time to raise venture capital since Q1 2020.In 2022, the pace of quarterly change in how venture investors are disbursing capital is making full-year numbers almost misleading.Sarah Guo raised $101 million for her new fund to back companies that are building artificial intelligence and what she describes as software 3.0.Acquisition of animation studio Animal Logic puts Netflix in a better position to compete against Disney+ and its array of family-friendly animated films.

Amazon is launching a dedicated hub for its affordable shopping options

Amazon is launching Amazon Access, a new hub for customers to explore programs, discounts and features that the online retailer offers for affordable shopping. Apple announced the newest Apple TV 4K today, featuring a lower price, better performance and more storage.Crypto “losses” from hacks and fraud continued to decline in the third quarter, Immunefi’s Crypto Losses Q3 report shows.Despite many thinking that venture debt would grow amid this year’s equity pullback, that has not been the case.

Vista Equity Partners has entered an agreement to acquire cybersecurity company KnowBe4 in a $4.6 billion all-cash transaction.How do employee-benefits startups fare when their corporate customers start slashing costs amid a volatile market? We’re going to find out if the market continues on the track it’s on.This is the retail giant’s second known data breach in four years.Net Purpose, a platform for sustainable investors, has raised £10 million in a Series A round led by ETF Partners, funding which will be used to expand its product and team.

U.S. SEC Gary Gensler reiterates that securities laws still apply to new technologies like digital assets.At today’s Made By Google event, the company revealed more information about its forthcoming Pixel Tablet, due out in 2023.The 2019-2022 share price parity allows us to determine if Okta is on the receiving end of a potentially unfair shellacking.Embedded insurance — selling coverage at the same time as another product or service — is on the rise. Are investors bullish on the insurtech subsector?.

Tesla delivered a record 343,830 vehicles in Q3, but still missed Wall Street’s forecasts

Tesla delivered 343,830 vehicles in the third quarter, a new record that still didn’t meet analysts’ forecasts.Amazon is so far not saying much at all about its plans for One Medical under the wing of Amazon.At WWDC 2022, Apple previewed a digital whiteboarding app called Freeform that’s bound for Mac, iPad, and iOS devices later this year.Musk said that the battery-electric truck will benefit from Tesla’s learnings on boosting efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.WhatsApp now allows you to delete a message for up to two days and 12 hours (60 hours in total), so you can remove an accidentally sent chat even after hours. Previously, this limit was 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds — yep, there were seconds involved. The company’s tweet about this feature just. . Astra’s latest launch for NASA ends in failure. The TROPICS mission included two CubeSats intended to join NASA’s existing constellation by the same name.

Alibaba Cloud is the world’s third-largest public cloud provider, an achievement that’s inseparable from the large network of local allies has worldwide.Sixt initially committed to buy “several thousand” EVs from BYD. First deliveries to France, Germany, Netherlands and U.K. start this year.WhatsApp is trying to one-up Telegram, given it allows a larger range of emoji reactions by default, but you must buy its premium subscription. Instacart delaying its IPO has left us bereft of new unicorn liquidity data for the rest of 2022. But this turn of events does teach us a few things.

The Justice Department has unsealed charges against two alleged Chinese spies accused of attempting to obstruct a prosecution against Huawei. Instagram announced that product tagging, which previously only creators and brands could use, is now available to all U.S. users with public accounts. Instagram first announced the update in March and said it would be available in the coming months. To tag a product, after choosing a photo or video, and moving past the filtering. . Securiti announced a comprehensive data protection solution focused on privacy, security, governance and compliance along with a $75M Series C.Microsoft has held conversations to invest in the Indian play-to-earn gaming platform Zupee in recent weeks, sources told TechCrunch.The joint streaming venture between Comcast and Paramount Global (formerly Viacom CBS) was announced in August 2021. SkyShowtime received full regulatory approval in Europe in February 2022.Let’s examine Salesforce, Wix and Splunk one by one to understand why Starboard Value thinks that each one is failing to meet its true potential.