. Virginia’s Republican governor talked about a mental health crisis, but avoided the words “shooting” and “gun.”.   Virginia’s State Corporation Commission weighs whether a proposed new agreement between Dominion Energy and consumer and environmental advocates over the utility’s massive offshore wind project is more favorable to ratepayers than a prior plan that required a performance guarantee. “Do you see this being more or less favorable to customers than the final order, and why?” SCC Chair [. ].

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares asked the United States District of Columbia District Court to permit a group of states led by Arizona and Louisiana to intervene in Huisha-Huisha v. Mayorkas, a case in which a judge terminated the Title 42 policy. This policy is one of the last remaining tools to strengthen the protection of our southern border. “The crisis on the southern border [. ].   A report by Dominion Energy finds the company’s largely coal-fired Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center in Wise County is economically viable, but critics say it lacks substantial, in-depth analysis to support its claims that the plant’s economic and environmental benefits justify continuing its current operations. Dominion filed the 28-page report as part of a deal made earlier this [. ].   • The U.S. Supreme Court turned down an appeal from the Fairfax County School Board, arguing it couldn’t be held liable for an alleged sexual assault on a school band trip. The case, now going to trial in Alexandria, hinges on whether a school system can be held at fault for a “single alleged assault when there had been no prior notice of a problem.”—Associated Press • Fauquier [. ]. Raleigh leaders will provide an update Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. following Thursday’s mass shooting that claimed five lives and injured two others. The shooting occurred in Raleigh’s Hedingham neighborhood along the Neuse River greenway. “We must stop this mindless violence in America. We must address gun violence,” said Raleigh Mayor Mary Ann Baldwin in .

Americans largely agree on several key issues and Congress should pay attention

Democrats, Republicans and independents agree on more issues — about 150 — than they disagree; public opinion and congressional action. President Joe Biden’s Philadelphia speech called for Americans to reject extremism and work to preserve and strengthen democracy. North Carolina legislative subcommittee to investigate ReBuild NC’s mismanagement of Hurricane Matthew recovery program. Legislators consider whether freeing NC nurses to practice without doctors’ supervision will lead to more rural healthcare.

. Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis reject Madison Cawthorn’s attack on Ukrainian president; Russian aggression. George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”; Russian invasion of Ukraine; denouncing authoritarianism, fascism, communism and propaganda.

. RICHMOND, Va. — “It’s free cooking gas,” said Monica Alinea. Monica Alinea and her husband, Tim, are proud owners of a HomeBiogas system. Situated in the sunny backyard of their Pensacola, Florida home, the system looks like a 7-foot rectangular, black balloon. But it’s not inflated with air, it’s methane. The Alineas use HomeBiogas, a product that transforms household food waste into cooking [. ].