Researchers reveal a higher rate of body dysmorphia, depression, anxiety, and personality disorders in those seeking cosmetic surgery procedures. Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham opened up about her ptosis diagnosis after revealing she failed her driver’s test multiple times as a teenager because of her condition. “To see the me that had.

Crying can be therapeutic, but some claim it can help your lashes, too. Let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all.Brachioplasty, or arm lift, is a cosmetic surgery to reshape the upper arm. Learn what it is, who might need it, how it is performed, and more.Unpacking the science and ethics of self-esteem by injection.

Uterine fibroids: Chemicals in everyday plastics stimulate growth

A new study shows that phthalates, a common chemical, stimulate the growth of uterine fibroids, benign tumors that can affect feminine health.When Laura Becker was 19, she injected testosterone into her right thigh for seven months before she had . Experts say more people are making appointments for cosmetic surgery, driven in part by how they look on computer screens during virtual meetings.

Aging is a part of life, but how you deal with it is up to you. Rapper DreamDoll, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kelly Bolden, & healing expert Ty Brown talk all things plastic surgery at ESSENCE Fest Beauty Carnival.“Vulnerable” cosmetic procedure patients are being taken advantage of and “getting anything that’s recommended to them,” a clinical psychologist has warned.

Beauty brand Selfmade is elevating what it means to care for your skin.The time of day at which you eat your meals may have a significant impact on symptoms of anxiety and depression, a new study reports.As plastic surgery becomes more commonly spoken about and new procedures coming out all of the time, we are able to look more at the effects of plastic surgery.See what one plastic surgeon has to say about cosmetic surgery, and the motivations behind it.

Cosmetic surgery adverts targeting under-18s banned

Firms can no longer advertise procedures like breast enhancements on media that appeals to under-18s.Committee calls for licensing regime and warns non-surgical cosmetic procedures like anti-ageing fillers can be risky. Consuming high amounts of highly processed foods can impact mental health, increasing the risk of anxiety and depression.Millennials and Gen Z are most ready to avoid plastic and opt for a less wasteful procedure.The aim of this study was to compare women who have undergone genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS) with women who have not regarding past sexual activities and experiences. It draws on data from the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD). The subsample of women who had undergone FGCS (n = 32) was compared to a subsample of women who had not had FGCS (n = 96); the samples were matched for age, education, relationship and marital status, and whether participants had born a child. Variables concerning the present relationship, recent/lifetime sexual activities, sexual orientation, pregnancy-related experiences, health, sexual boundary violations/violence, sexual difficulties, and migration background served as main outcome measures. Women who had undergone FGCS reported more often anal intercourse during their last sexual encounter (13% vs. 1%, p = 0.021), a pregnancy ending in miscarriage (34% vs. 16%, p = 0.016), and not to be satisfied with their own appearance (41% vs. 15%, p = 0.002) than women who had not undergone FGCS. The results indicate women’s motivations for FGCS beyond the desire to improve genital appearance or function, and that contributing factors might be clinically relevant regarding more general psychological wellbeing.

Symptomatic depression increases the risk of developing dementia by 51%, but those being treated for depression had a significantly lower risk of being diagnosed with depression later in life.The next time you walk past a mirror, take a second to stop and look at yourself – what you see in the reflection is your body image. These thoughts and feelings can either be positive or negative. We will detail the four aspects of body image, how societal norms affect body image and highlight tips on how to keep a positive body image.What the medical aesthetic boom means for our mind as much as our faces. I woke up one morning and couldn’t believe how odd my face looked. Two cosmetic surgeries later, I realized the problem wasn’t physical.

. . Meta banned filters that “encourage plastic surgery,” but a massive demand for beauty augmentation on social media is complicating matters.Shiny Smile Veneers conducted a study of Google search trends to find the DIY and professional cosmetic treatments Americans are dying to try.Former supermodel Linda Evangelista has opened up about the mental health toll of her disfiguring cosmetic procedure in a new cover story with British Vogue.