What makes for a great present? Attention, empathy and a little bit of espionage.Ours provides an inclusive, secular, structured way for couples to connect more deeply and build relationship skills over the course of several weeks.The former Council president, Nury Martinez, faced calls from state leaders and President Biden to leave office after making racist remarks on a recording that emerged on Sunday.

Tiger Woods missed the cut at the British Open, ending, he knows, what might have been his last competitive tournament on his favorite course.The New York attorney general, Letitia James, accused the former president and his business of overvaluing his assets by billions.The red-hot secondary market has cooled off in recent months. But that’s not the only thing worrying the industry.Whether smartphone overuse constitutes a true addiction is still up for debate, but experts say there are ways to scale down.

4 Quick Tips for Managing Email Overload on the Go

Hate it or love it, your electronic inbox is still a popular point of contact and communication. Here’s how to keep it under control.The White House is facing new questions about whether it acted quickly enough after the leading baby formula plant shut down in February.The saxophonist and his longtime collaborator Luis Perdomo reimagined some of their favorite Latin American ballads for an album that made deep connections during the pandemic.It took Andrew Hughes, a professional mountain climber, two dates to win over Lauren Beard. But it took him two months to deliver his proposal.

Bobby Dalbec’s home run propelled Boston to victory. The Rays, meanwhile, are baseball’s last unbeaten team.The Spanish mezzo-soprano was internationally acclaimed for her dramatic performances in the works of Mozart, Rossini and Bizet.What is the source of the distinctiveness in these wines? The grapes? The soil and climate? Or maybe the people and culture? In a word, terroir.Did you attend religious services or observe religious traditions as a child? How has religion shaped who you are today?.