Joe Alim is the VP of product and operations at Compt, an employee stipend platform. Alim also was co-founder and COO of talent-tech startup, ScholarJet. His commitment to building a better future of work begins with improving the employee experience through personalization and inclusivity.By helping employees improve their vitality—at work, at home, and in their communities—employers can create a culture of health that addresses the challenges that burned-out or disengaged employees face, and stimulate better business outcomes.There are steps both employers and HR professionals themselves can take to combat the growing issue.

Time and meeting management are yet another line item CFOs need to become experts at balancing.What is the current state of employees’ work lives? Check out the findings from Owler’s recent study to take the appropriate steps to keep employees happy.Workers don’t need a new type of sick day. They need sustainable jobs.“Folks don’t leave jobs; they leave managers,” says Jakada Imani, the CEO of the Management Center.

The scrollable, annotated, incredibly complex org chart of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried’s fallen empire

The cryptocurrency exchange FTX imploded last week, filing for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a massive liquidity crisis. The exchange, and its billionaire co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried, are reportedly under investigation by the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission for mismanaging billions of dollars in client funds. When this activity was called into question and customers started taking out funds, FTX halted withdrawals, and the company filed for bankruptcy days l. According to a recent report, flexible working has the potential to mitigate the burnout epidemic, but executives need to take note. Banks Benitez is the founder of Smart Workweek, helping businesses transition to the 4-day workweek and was the co-founder and CEO of Uncharted, an entrepreneurial accelerator.

Amidst ongoing economic uncertainty, Tony Guadagni explains how monetarily disadvantaged employers can compete in an increasingly competitive market. The end of the great population boom is in sight. By the time the world added its 8 billionth person on Nov. 15, the UN was already able to predict (pdf) that the global population will peak around 2080, at 10.4 billion. From there, the number declines. The human race shrinks.American billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates has pledged to use 5.4% of his net worth to finance Africa’s health and agriculture sectors, which he believes anchor the continent’s progress.

Discover the elements of wellbeing. Learn why employee wellbeing is important for organizational resilience, retention, work-life balance and more.The more employers and coworkers make employees feel they matter and are appreciated, the more engaged and productive they are, plus the more likely they will contribute to the company’s success, studies show.A too-easy response to burnout is to suggest self-care: just tell the sufferers to take a little time off, then get back to work. But that implies that burnout is primarily about people. It’s not. It’s primarily about the workplace.Are lower wage workers still able to advance today? A recently-released study by Burning Glass Institute, incorporating more than 3 million worker histories, finds a surprising degree of mobility among workers who start in entry positions. And the authors set out strategies to increase mobility.

. When you under resource your social team, it hurts your brand and employees. Get expert advice to transform your social media operations.The end of the year is fast approaching and like most corporate social responsibility (CSR) leaders, you’re likely managing year-end giving campaigns, developing next year’s corporate philanthropy strategy, or taking a well-deserved vacation. Creating a game with a large, highly engaged online player base and an active community is, for many companies, right a. .

Organizations have been investing heavily in improving their work environments post-pandemic to create the perfect working space for their employees. Over half of Singaporeans surveyed reported burnout and nearly one in two local knowledge workers are considering moving jobs in the next year.This is this week’s ForbesWomen newsletter, which every Thursday morning brings news about the world’s top female entrepreneurs, leaders and investors straight to your inbox. Sign up today!. The German philosopher Nietzsche’s “Silence is worse; all truths that are kept silent become poisonous.” phrase seems to gain more meaning for companies with the recent emergence of the concept of “quiet quitting”.

. The US department of treasury has removed India from a list of countries suspected to manipulate their currencies.Job candidates need to be shown that the workplace is flexible and set up to accommodate their individual needs.Career owners are frequently influenced by human resource management activities outside their control. They need to independently assess the those activities for themselves. .