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. . Yale School of Management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld continues to work on a database of Russian sanctions that has been used among academics and politicians alike.


Rural students are people too. Three things you need to know about me: my entire family’s income does not exceed $50,000 per year, I live. . With more and more upperclassmen forced off campus and into select New Haven areas, many residents have been “priced out” in turn.This weekend, the Yale Daily News elected the managing board of 2024. We began our first week of production on Sunday and look forward to. . Five former students from several of the 16 universities argue that the schools violated antitrust law by collaborating to determine prospective applicants’ financial need.

As Yale College plans to resume in-person dining Monday and in-person classes next week, some immunocompromised students fear for their safety and feel they are being left behind in Yale’s policy making decisions. The Yale Tour. We’ve all seen them. The big groups of parents and students standing in a semi-circle on cross campus, all surrounding a singular. . MENA student leaders held their first event of the school year in their newly designated room in the Asian American Cultural Center — one student leaders have worked for years to obtain.

Continued visa restrictions have left Chinese graduate students at Yale unable to return home without the risk of being denied entry back into the United States.The student festival, which featured music of the Latin American diaspora, was this fall’s first major campus event.After a lawsuit alleged Yale and 15 other top universities colluded to keep down financial aid, an updated complaint to be filed next week is likely to allege that all 16 schools in the 568 Presidents Group considered applicants’ financial standing in their admissions processes.Despite a flurry of global media attention, often overlooked is the fact it is a team of Yale undergraduate, graduate, MBA and EMBA students maintaining the list behind-the-scenes.

Salovey unveils committee to assess Yale’s gift policy

In an email to faculty, Salovey detailed the charge and make-up of new committee, which will review Yale’s current gift procedures and suggest amendments.