Most kids labeled as having an “emotional disability” and shunted into public special education schools are Black or Latino, and low income — while wealthier families more often access a taxpayer-funded free private education.Hundreds of thousands of city workers and their dependents could have their healthcare shifted to a cheaper plan by 2024, documents show.As the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, Chalkbeat wants to hear from you about the lasting impact on your school community.

Recent Census numbers show deaths and move-outs drove a 300,000-person drop through last summer. Even now, more are moving out than in.Child safety advocates, like a bereaved Rockland County couple, want carmakers to install life-saving technology in every new car.A new review by Comptroller Brad Lander shows that buildings have become much less secure since 2018.Many residential treatment facilities for children in New York are shutting down, leaving families frustrated and scrambling to find mental health services. Some kids age out of care as they wait.

Federal Monitor Investigating How Arsenic Got Into NYCHA’s Water

The city has no answers yet about when the tap water at the Jacob Riis Houses will be safe to use again, how the arsenic got into it, or even why they decided to test for it.As tickets mount, many vendors feel like they’re being punished by the Adams administration for not having a permit even as they have no way to get a permit.City could have power to designate “sensitive areas” where firearms would be forbidden. But no one’s saying where.As part of a federal law signed by Trump in 2020, callers will be able to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and its local outposts simply by dialing 988. In the city, those calls are plugging into the existing NYC Well.

Many seeking religious exemptions have cited fetal tissue research and declining COVID numbers as a reason to keep their jobs, but spiritual leaders and health experts argue otherwise.HOCHUL: NEW LAWS TO STRENGTHEN VET PROTECTIONS: On Veterans Day, Governor Hochul an­nounced new laws to strengthen protections and support for veterans and their families. The Governor has signed eight pieces of legislation in appreciation of Veterans Day, underscoring the administration’s commit­ment to supporting American service mem­bers who have risked their lives to defend. Anyone 18 years old or younger is eligible for free lunch and breakfast this summer at more than 300 schools, pools and parks across the city. . A ruling says state officials went too far in their response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision nixing New York’s tough permit restrictions.

Schools can take steps to understand how monkeypox spreads and what to do if a student or staff member shows symptoms.They’re volunteer positions with a history in patronage politics. Today, district leaders influence who can be judges, poll workers and members of each borough’s county committee.Mayor refiles five years of financial disclosures after THE CITY found he’d never divested. And he still owns the Prospect Place co-op.Many schools are working to plug vacancies, boost student attendance, and address student mental health and academic needs this fall.

Eric Adams Defends His New Gun Czar Despite Group’s Mismanagement

“You’re talking about DOI? I’m talking about DOA,” says mayor of Department of Investigation probe that found financial impropriety and nepotism at Andre Mitchell’s Man Up! organization.Billy Green, who faced homelessness in his youth, was named New York state’s teacher of the year. Green often combines science and arts into his lessons.The move allows Mayor Eric Adams to continue enforcing the mask requirement in day care and pre-K settings amid rising COVID cases across the city.NYC classrooms remain mask optional, education department officials confirmed Monday.Eric Adams is making literacy a priority. Chalkbeat convened a panel, including educators and experts, to find out what it will take to change the system.“There’s going to be challenges” admits an NYPD lawyer who’s among those puzzling out how to apply hazy new rules passed after the Supreme Court’s gun decision.

Doubling the New York Harbor School’s footprint on Governors Island will allow it to offer its maritime and environmental curriculum to more students. . The National Partnership for Student Success is looking for thousands of tutors, mentors, and coaches.Critics like Mayor Eric Adams say bail reform should be rolled back. Are they right?. To show how those cuts affect each school, Chalkbeat created a lookup tool examining changes to Fair Student Funding, a major source of funding for schools.

The mandate previously covered thousands of student athletes and also included students in chorus, band, and musical theater programs.From sweeping definitions on what counts as a ‘sensitive location’ to new licensing requirements, Albany plans to test the Supreme Court’s recent decision. Some Second Amendment experts are skeptical.Child care workers died at higher rates than other workers, while teachers died at somewhat lower rates in 2020.“We’re not clerical workers: We’re first responders,” said one 10-year veteran dispatcher. “We take one million calls every year. We’re undervalued.”. The East Tremont legend known for his determination and charisma owned a store that’s woven itself into the borough’s fabric.Chancellor David Banks backed off of plans he floated last week to make last-minute changes to the city’s complicated and stressful high school application process, which closes Friday.