. No, they’re not the same thing.Each finalist has had a major accomplishment over the last year and is using their influence to increase health and wellness access and equity.

From my tummy hurts to nobody likes me, this licensed therapist guides parents on how to spot anxiety in kids.It probably won’t surprise you to learn that incivility on the front lines of business is on the rise. After all, as the pandemic wore on, we saw in real time how frontline workers went from being seen as “essential” to being seen as, essentially, punching bags. What might not be obvious is that incivility doesn’t affect only workers who experience it directly — it also affects those who witness it, with consequences for businesses and society. Christine Porath has studied incivility for more than 20 years, looking at the experiences at work of people around the world. Her research shows that business leaders have the power to improve things, both for workers and for society as a whole. .

Safety Concerns re: Covid-19 Vaccinations In Pregnancy – HART

Obstetricians and gynaecologists in the UK have put their faith in and adjusted their practice according to guidance from their Royal College (RCOG). However, recent advice from the RCOG has been in complete contradiction to everything that they themselves and academic institutions have been teaching about evidence-based medicine. This advice is that: COVID-19 vaccines are not only safe but strongly recommended for pregnant women.A psychiatrist shares her thoughts about the rapper’s hateful behavior including racist, antisemitic language on social media and what the public’s response reveals about mental health stigma.With teen depression and suicide rates soaring, parents and other caring adults have an important role to play.Researchers help illuminate the complexities of the mind and find solutions to prevent a twin pandemic.

Navigating emotional distress often begins with understanding it. We’ve got the details on possible causes, plus how to manage and prevent it.Once called “hypochondriacs,” people with health anxiety often have a fear of the unknown, experts say, and it can be a diagnosable condition in its own right.Why haven’t we solved the addiction crisis?. Three mental health programs on Camp Humphreys recently shared their current and upcoming resources and prevention programs.

A unique research project is tracking hundreds of people at risk for suicide, using data from smartphones and wearable biosensors to identify periods of high danger — and intervene. Not sure what comes next after divorce? We’ve got you.Analysis of what the Queen’s Speech means for the health service.

How does sharing news on social media affect us?

New research shows that people who share news online have an inflated sense of knowledgeability about the topic, even when they have not read the articles.