What should you do if your employee comes to you with a mental health challenge? While you will have to have a conversation that may feel intimate and discomfiting, it’s also not your job to be the office therapist, and you don’t need to have all the solutions when a team member is struggling. First, make sure you’ve prepared for such conversations in advance, including knowing where to point people for resources within your company. Second, set boundaries to ensure people can get help without depleting you or the team. Finally, remember that the most important thing you can do is show up and make the conversation about them — not you./PRNewswire/ — Due to continued COVID-19 concerns, a sluggish economy and the fear of a potential recession, there is a critical need for mental health care. Research on men’s mental health shows how distress manifests differently in men than women, and how they cope with stress differs as well. Men face both self-stigma and social stigma about showing their emotions or talking about their level of anxiety, low mood, and stress. If you’re a manager, the first step to getting people to be comfortable talking about their mental health at work, is to build a climate where it is psychologically safe to show vulnerability. Show your own vulnerability in private settings: During a one-on-one with your male employee, open the door to a vulnerable conversation. Show acceptance and vulnerability by sharing the impact of your own life and work challenges on your emotional state. Legitimize and redefine help-seeking as a show of strength of character: Reframe help-seeking as a sign of strength, grit, and leadership competence. When you speak with your employee, talk about how seeking support is a good thing as it reflects how one is committed to helping themselves be a better leader to their followers and contribute at the level of their true potential. Focus on the semantics: When individuals identify with a particular ideal (masculine identity in this case), any conversation or use of words that threatens their sense of belongingness to that identity can result in anxiety. As a manager, you can be socially intelligent and tweak your language to avoid identity threatening terms, like “depression” and “sadness” especially when you’re around men.

Federal law requires group health plans to cover mental health and substance abuse benefits like medical and surgical benefits, but many aren’t in compliance. Here are four action steps for plan sponsors to respond.Missing work due to poor mental health is estimated to cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars. Vertex employees share their experiences with type 1 diabetes.

5 ways to find joy at work: Top leaders share strategies

Define your own success, seek the right stress and build trust. Leaders share why joy is key to tackling big challenges – and the key strategies they use to help it flourish. . It probably won’t surprise you to learn that incivility on the front lines of business is on the rise. After all, as the pandemic wore on, we saw in real time how frontline workers went from being seen as “essential” to being seen as, essentially, punching bags. What might not be obvious is that incivility doesn’t affect only workers who experience it directly — it also affects those who witness it, with consequences for businesses and society. Christine Porath has studied incivility for more than 20 years, looking at the experiences at work of people around the world. Her research shows that business leaders have the power to improve things, both for workers and for society as a whole.

. When the financier Jeff Yabuki and his wife, Gail, announced last year they would give $20 million to the Children’s Wisconsin health system, they become one of a growing number of wealthy donors awar. To promote students’ overall well-being, WVU faculty and staff are encouraged to share prevention resources and support services leading up to end-of-semester finals. A variety of resources are available across campus to help students maintain their well-being and to provide support to faculty and staff.A 2023 Workforce Report revealed that one in three workers plan to look for a new job in 2023. Meanwhile, another third of workers plan to.

The list of 29 projects was narrowed down from more than 315 proposal submitted to the county for funding.The CTA’s Board of Directors approved a $1.8 billion operating budget for 2023, a plan that doesn’t include fare increases for passengers. But with ridership still down from pre-pandemic levels, the budget relies on nearly $400 million in federal stimulus money to make up for lost fare revenue. . The AMA Update covers a range of health care topics affecting the lives of physicians and patients. Learn more about resident stress and reducing burnout.

How to Be a Mental Health Ally

Research shows that someone you know — a colleague, a family member, a friend, a client, a board member, or even yourself — will experience a mental health challenge at some point in your life. Recognizing this possibility can arm yourself in advance to support the people in your life and contribute to creating a supportive workplace. Some of the most effective ways you can be a mental health ally are to talk one-on-one with colleagues who are struggling, use supportive language, educate yourself and colleagues about mental health, encourage group engagement, and create policies that help employees who need it. People with mental health challenges, no matter the severity, can thrive in the workplace and be valuable team members. Allies play an important role by helping to provide the empathy and compassion they need to overcome key challenges. BuzzFeed stock has plunged more than 60 percent this year.So far, a fraction of ARPA spending is on long-term violence prevention.Rather than turn to third-party providers, colleges should invest in counselors with a stake in the well-being of the campus community, Philip J. Rosenbaum and Richard E. Webb write.

The Children’s Guild and TranZed Apprenticeships are celebrating the Eighth Annual National Apprenticeship Week from November 14-20, 2022. . Medical practices must go beyond simply offering competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract new talent and keep their best clinicians and administrative staff working for them.

This month, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing scheduled a mental health day to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month. It was a modest but important measure to help our hard-working staff, and the benefits were significant.  Like all employers,. Hamilton changed Broadway – and can change how you approach business too. Learn the lessons entrepreneurs should take away from the musical’s hit songs.A lawsuit claims the Village for Families and Children in Hartford allowed an 11-year-old girl to be alone with a teen boy who assaulted her.A McKinsey Health Institute survey across 15 countries highlights how employers can make mental health a reality, especially for young workers.Here’s why small practices may adjust pay more quickly than large health systems.Levi Strauss & Company has set the gold standard for a human-centered work culture that other businesses can emulate to measure up and follow in their footsteps.