Research suggests that seeing—and even just hearing—birds can relieve stress. (Reuters) -U.S. prosecutors in New York are probing FTX’s collapse, a source with knowledge of the investigations said, after the crypto exchange filed for bankruptcy protection last week following a rush of customer withdrawals. The Justice Department, Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission are now all investigating how FTX handled customer funds as Alameda Research, the proprietary trading firm of FTX Chief Executive Sam Bankman-Fried, unraveled, the source said. FTX had been confronted with an apparent liquidity crunch after using customer funds to prop up Alameda.Birdlife encounters could be prescribed by doctors to treat mental health conditions.

Ten years after researchers first found that “blue spaces” could be good for us, the concept is proving to be a powerful, practical tool for mental health. Nostalgic hobbies like cross-stitch, flower-arranging, and watercolour painting are back in fashion, according to a poll. The research of 2,000 adults found “retro pastimes” which involve arts and crafts, like sewing and model making, or getting outdoors, like bird watching, are in vogue.A major new study has revealed how camping in the great outdoors improves people’s well-being and mental health, even this time of year.

Social isolation and the brain in the pandemic era

Danilo Bzdok and Robin I. M. Dunbar review the neurobiology of human and primate social behaviours and how the pandemic may have disrupted these systems. Did you know you can grow a garden full of plants that match the characteristics of your zodiac sign? It’s true! Here’s how to do it as an Aquarius.How woodland creation can help biodiversity.

Curiosity, natural environments, and social connections are some of the health-boosting benefits of being a birder. Smith and Soto talked with us about all things bird photography, including how they took the leap to chase after their passion.Generations of North Idahoans know the thrill of holding a shotgun, stock tucked into shoulder, as they raise the barrel, squeeze the trigger and shoot a clay target flying away like a pigeon or grouse.
And for decades, they’ve done it at Coeur d’Alene Skeet and Trap Club, a range near the Coeur d’Alene Airport in Hayden. A small nonprofit incorporated in 1946 at Hayden Lake, the club moved to its location on Miles Avenue in 1965.
Now a debate over the club’s annual rent could force it to close permanently.

New research reveals the connection between nature and well-being is more significant than previously thought. Nature provides “intangible contributions” to create opportunities for recreation and leisure, spiritual fulfillment, personal development, social relations, and aesthetic experiences.The present study investigated the effect of urban (traffic noise) vs. natural (birdsongs) soundscapes on mood, state paranoia, and cognitive performance, hypothesizing that birdsongs lead to significant improvements in these outcomes. An additional goal was to explore the differential impact of lower vs. higher diversity of the soundscapes by manipulating the number of different typical traffic sounds or songs of different bird species within the respective soundscapes. In a randomized online experiment, N = 295 participants were exposed to one out of four conditions for 6 min: traffic noise low, traffic noise high, birdsong low, and birdsong high diversity soundscapes. Before and after the exposure, participants performed a digit-span and dual n-back task, and filled out depression, anxiety, and paranoia questionnaires. The traffic noise soundscapes were associated with a significant increase in depression (small effect size in low, medium effect size in high diversity condition). Concerning the birdsong conditions, depression exclusively decreased after exposure to the high diversity soundscape (small effect size). Anxiety and paranoia significantly decreased in both birdsong conditions (medium effect sizes). For cognition, no effects were observed. In sum, the present study suggests that listening to birdsongs regardless of diversity improves anxiety, while traffic noise, also regardless of diversity, is related to higher depressiveness. Moreover, for the first time, beneficial, medium-sized effects of birdsong soundscapes were demonstrated, reducing paranoia. Overall, the results bear interesting implications for further research, such as actively manipulating soundscapes in different environments or settings (e.g., psychiatric wards) and testing their effect on subclinical or even clinical manifestations of anxiety and paranoia.The founders enjoy watching birds, sure. But they are just as interested in fostering experiences where everyone feels comfortable being who they are.We have long known that connecting with nature in green spaces is great for our mental health. Now fresh research is showing that time near water – by the coast, rivers and even fountains in the park – is even more restorative.

The Mental Health Benefits of an Inclusive Outdoor Escape

Amid pandemic stress and racial violence, many communities of color have turned to wilderness areas for healing.The study showed that more than half of the birders’ money is spent in Southeast Alaska.Bird’s nests are made from the saliva of swiftlets and are considered a delicacy in parts of Asia. This article explores bird’s nest benefits and downsides.Choosing a pet starts with understanding how they fit into the home. Kelly Oakes explores what happens when animals join a family – and their profound impact on children’s development.With expert oversight, the eating plan can be safe for some people with Type 2 diabetes, but there are risks to keep in mind.A study found that drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily is linked to a lower risk of arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality.

After hitting rock bottom, it was taking time to mindfully appreciate the beauty of birds that set one man on the road to recovery.Who knew watching a blue tit outside your window could be so good for your soul, writes Juanita Browne. Looking for mindfulness activities? Bird-watching and mindfulness make a great pair and a perfect entry point into both activities.The mind-altering drug has been shown to help people suffering from anxiety and depression. But how it helps, who it will serve, and who will profit are open questions.