A mindfulness meditation course may be as effective at reducing anxiety as a common medication, according to a new study.Researchers compared a practice of daily mindfulness meditation to taking Lexapro to control anxiety symptoms. The meditators got equivalent relief, without the side effects.Mindfulness is a form of meditation that emphasizes focusing only on what’s happening at the moment and dismissing intrusive thoughts.

A medical study aimed to find out whether meditation is as effective as an antidepressant medication commonly prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder. The findings were published this week.The most commonly prescribed medications for depression are somewhat effective — but not because they correct a “chemical imbalance.”. 5 Apps That Can Help Boost Your Mental Health, According To Experts.

Ketamine for Anxiety: How it Works, Research, How to Try It

Ketamine therapy is an emerging treatment approach that may help relieve symptoms of anxiety. Here’s how it works, potential side effects to consider, and how to find a reputable clinic.Learn if promethazine can be used off-label to help treat symptoms of anxiety.The study found there are some benefits for teachers and the “school climate” but any benefits are short-lived and the overall evidence that mindfulness works is weak.Panic attacks and disproportionate anxiety are symptoms of panic disorder. Medication for panic and anxiety disorders aims to alleviate symptoms. Learn more.

The 333 rule is a coping technique for anxiety that involves naming 3 objects and 3 sounds in your environment, then moving 3 parts of your body. You may need treatment for the underlying cause of your anxiety.Learn about medications that treat both anxiety and depression, and which medications that treat both conditions individually are safe to combine.Anxiety disorders are common in older adults. Learn more about the best anti anxiety medications to help treat anxiety in older adults here.Several medications can treat anxiety and depression. The most suitable treatment depends on individual factors, including the severity of the condition.

Panic attacks may be a symptom of panic disorder. Medications and other treatments may help reduce their frequency and severity. Read more here.For Medical News Today’s In Conversation podcast for May, we delve into research on the future of mental health, with a focus on psychedelics and ketamine as possible treatment avenues for anxiety and depression.Some people may be able to deal with mental issues like anxiety without medication, according to the study.Benadryl is not an effective treatment for anxiety. It’s intended for short-term use to relieve allergy symptoms. Learn the risks, benefits, and uses of Benadryl.

Ketamine for depression: How does its antidepressant effect work?

A new study demonstrates ketamine’s rapid antidepressant effect and how it helps patients with severe depression update their negative beliefs.Meditation has been found to be helpful for improving mental and physical health. But experts are still learning about exactly what processes make those benefits possible for some, but not others.The ancient relaxation technique boosts brainpower among people over 65 years-old, scientists in France say.A new study suggests that young adults who use more social media may have an increased risk of developing depression within six months, regardless of their personality type or traits.Situational anxiety is anxiety that occurs in new, unfamiliar, or stressful situations, such as a job interview or speech. Learn more here.Studies suggest gut health and mental health are linked. Probiotics and diet may help a person manage anxiety and digestive issues.

A person with anxiety may have intrusive thoughts that make it difficult to fall asleep. Learn more about the relationship between sleep and anxiety here.The pandemic’s true toll on mental health won’t be known for a long time, but data from the past two years indicates a rise — some of it sharp — in prescription drugs for conditions like A.D.H.D. and depression.Kratom tree leaves contain different compounds that may help a person to manage anxiety. However, further research is necessary. Learn more here.Despite growing awareness that children and teenagers can get depressed, substantial gaps remain in diagnosis and treatment. Despite growing awareness that children and teenagers can get depressed, substantial gaps remain in diagnosis and treatment.

These tried-and-true tips will help you relieve anxiety.New research suggests that mindfulness meditation reduces the intensity of pain by uncoupling the pain-processing part of the brain from the brain regions responsible for self-referential processing. Money and finances can become a constant source of stress in your life and lead to anxiety and other emotional distress. Here’s how to cope. Experts say there are short-term benefits to antidepressants and they can be particularly effective if combined with mental health therapies.