Mahendran and Deepa tied the knot at the Institute of Mental Health in Chennai city last month.Marriages, it is said, are made in heaven but for two patients of the 225-year-old Institute of Mental Health, Chennai, the divine power willed that their wedding take place on the premises of Asia’s oldest and largest mental hospital in Chennai.A son is duty-bound to look after parents but must he deliver grandchildren too?.

Why are hundreds of mental health patients still being sent far away from home for treatment?. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez marry in Las Vegas, just over 18 years after ending their first engagement.A psychologist says the Superbad actor “should be applauded” for opening up about anxiety attacks.Northern Ireland is the only place in the UK which has no dedicated mental health unit for mothers.

Camhs deaths expose child mental health unit pressures

Chelsea Mooney was 17 when she died in a Camhs unit last year, following a self-harm incident.The Spider-Man: Homecoming star says Instagram and Twitter can be “detrimental” to his mental health.A BBC investigation found a “toxic culture” of abuse and bullying at a Manchester mental health unit.The doctors’ union warns institutional racism harms medics’ mental health and therefore patient care.

Health Minister Will Quince apologises to patients at the Edenfield Centre in Prestwich near Manchester.FC Isle of Man is set to use football as a way of getting men talking about their mental health.Research collected from more than 7,500 participants finds nature sounds could help mental health.The new season of Netflix’s docuseries includes a charming South Asian participant — but also a familiar and frustrating trope.

The mental health hospital in Manchester was criticised for restraining patients for no clear reason.Mum of Tony Hickmott, who has been held in a secure hospital since 2001, says: “He’s coming home.”. George Palmer and his fiancée Ruth Vowles met following the death of their partners, Liz and Steve.As referrals rise for self-harm and eating disorders rise by 77%, schools see a wave of other less severe issues.

West Cumbria: We Will group on a mission to boost teen mental health

Driven by young people, the We Will campaign has helped hundreds of adults become better listeners.A group that meets in cafes and a golf club says the money will help men “get happy”.The pair, who say they are from Vietnam, wiped out IHG group data after a foiled ransomware attack.The coins, found during kitchen renovations in East Yorkshire, have attracted global interest.A charity’s “crisis cafés” offer support to people over 18 across Leicestershire and Rutland.Three of nine people struck with the unexplained respiratory illness in recent days have died.

The New Spenser Ward has opened at St Peter’s Hospital while a mental health hospital is rebuilt.The charity Birthrights conducted a year-long investigation into “racial injustice” in maternity care.There were 4.3 million NHS referrals for conditions such as anxiety and depression in 2021 across England.There has also been a rise in children and teenagers taking the drugs, NHS figures show.

Doctors at a struggling mental health provider say they have lost confidence in its senior leadership.The official in one of Wales’ most deprived areas says rising costs are already affecting health.The group of 15 from Man Health is walking 130 miles from Bedlington to Middlesbrough.Oaks, maples and chestnuts found in cities are among over 1,000 tree species that are flagged at risk.Health service chiefs have promised some 7,000 extra beds in England to tackle increased demands.Becca Todd was overwhelmed with fear but talking about her feelings help her cope with motherhood.