The candidate says his dissociative identity disorder is “healed.” Experts say it’s complicated.Walker claimed to be a member of law enforcement. His only designation is, an official said, “like a junior ranger badge.”. Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers told the January 6 committee that he paid a steep personal price for refusing to help overturn the election.

A new report shows that even after January 6, corporations gave big money to lawmakers who tried to overturn the election.The conspiracy theorist’s legal and financial woes keep mounting.The bombshell allegations plaguing Walker’s campaign, briefly explained.The millennial millionaire won thanks to two anti-democratic billionaires.

Now the far right is going after school counselors

They’ve been called pedophiles, groomers, and “recruiters for the Transgender Cult.”. The 26-year-old EMT wasn’t the first person to die after police misled judges to obtain search warrants.The compassion cosplay has gone out the door.At the first day of the Oath Keepers’ trial, the Department of Justice attempted to show how the militia came to the Capitol on January 6 with a plan.

Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, and Stacey Abrams, a Democrat, are in a rematch of their 2018 race. Catch up on what happened during their last debate before Election Day.Election Day is Nov. 8. Here’s everything you need to know.Trolls and foreign agents love to exploit African-American culture for political gain.Cars are just one piece of the puzzle. But this is still a massive step.

Jonathan Mitchell argues that old laws never really die, even when they’re struck down by courts.Welcome to the freight industry, where not dying at work is a privilege.One woman was sent to the hospital.First came supply chain shortages and war. Now there’s “heatflation.”.

UN chief: Fossil fuel companies “have humanity by the throat”

António Guterres likens their climate inaction to Big Tobacco’s denial of smoking-cancer links.A conversation with reporter Charles Piller, whose recent Science investigation rocked the research world.A newly elected school board fires superintendent who supported diverse hiring.Voting rights, child care, and climate legislation are all in grave peril.I remember sitting there thinking, what the hell did I do wrong?. Abortions in dozens of states will go underground if the Supreme Court reverses its ruling.

“We’ve solved nothing,” says one advocate. “And now everything costs more.”. “Seeing what the coalition has accomplished gives us back a sense of hope.”. The scourge of 15-minute delivery.I watched him put a thumb in the eye of the most revered figures within MAGA-land.

“My thoughts are with Ukrainian civilians,” says Arkady Dvorkovich.“This is not about one hateful statement or one politician. It is about a party that has mainstreamed bigotry and hatred.”. Should cosmetic procedures be part of how society prepares prisoners to reenter it?. For 26 years, she carried a dark secret about a young pregnancy. Now genetic genealogy has turned her life upside down.Peter King breaks down Week 5 in the NFL, from the Giants defying expectations to Geno Smith’s impressive run, and a look at what’s wrong with the Broncos.Canada’s Coastal First Nations are doing experiments to find out.