Pro-athletes running in the TCS NYC Marathon, as well as a psychologist, give insight as to why people participate in marathons.Authors: Megan Meckfessel and Lindsay Ross-Stewart Department of Applied Health, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL, USA Corresponding Author:Lindsay Ross-StewartDepartment. An agreement has been reached between the HAPO Center at TRAC, and Clubhouse Sports, to allow the Tri-City Rush to play their indoor games at TRAC for 2023 season.

. Central Minnesota athletes competed at the CLC Girl’s Swim and Dive Championships this weekend.(EUGENE, Ore.) — The celebrated runner, who is the most decorated track star with 11 Olympic medals and 19 world championship medals, ran her last championship race ever on Friday, the first day of the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Felix ran the. .

Albert Pujols hits home run No. 702 in last regular home season game

(ST. LOUIS) — Albert Pujols wrapped us his final regular season home game at Busch Stadium in style on Sunday. The St. Louis Cardinals player sent one to the stands in the 3rd inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates, marking his 702nd career home run. The. . Science-backed strategies to help you learn to accept racing discomfort and choose how you react to it. In an excerpt from Amber Tamblyn’s Listening in the Dark, America Ferrera shares her experience learning to trust her body and intuition again.

Endurance running is well-documented to affect health beneficially. However, data are still conflicting in terms of which race distance is associated with the maximum health effects to be obtained. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare the health status of endurance runners over different race distances. A total of 245 recreational runners (141 females, 104 males) completed an online survey. Health status was assessed by measuring eight dimensions in two clusters of health-related indicators (e.g., body weight, mental health, chronic diseases and hypersensitivity reactions, medication intake) and health-related behaviors (e.g., smoking habits, supplement intake, food choice, healthcare utilization). Each dimension consisted of analytical parameters derived to a general domain score between 0 and 1. Data analysis was performed by using non-parametric ANOVA and MANOVA. There were 89 half-marathon (HM), 65 marathon/ultra-marathon (M/UM), and 91 10-km runners. 10-km runners were leaner than both the HM and M/UM runners (p ≤ 0.05). HM runners had higher health scores for six dimensions (body weight, mental health, chronic diseases and hypersensitivity reactions, medication intake, smoking habits, and health care utilization), which contributed to an average score of 77.1% (score range 62–88%) for their overall state of health. Whereas 10-km and M/UM runners had lesser but similar average scores in the overall state of health (71.7% and 72%, respectively). Race distance had a significant association with the dimension “chronic diseases and hypersensitivity reactions” (p ≤ 0.05). Despite the null significant associations between race distance and seven (out of eight) multi-item health dimensions, a tendency towards better health status (assessed by domain scores of health) among HM runners was found compared to other distance runners. However, the optimal state of health across all race distances supported the notion that endurance running contributed to overall health and well-being. Trial registration number: ISRCTN73074080. Retrospectively registered 12th June 2015.This film follows Rachel, an Amish teen who refuses to obey her parent’s command that she marry the man who abused her as a child.(PHILADELPHIA) — The underdog Saint Peter’s University basketball squad ended its unprecedented March Madness run Sunday afternoon with a loss to the University of North Carolina. The Peacocks were aiming to do what no 15th seed team has done before — make it to the. . Eliud Kipchoge just set a mind-boggling world record at the Berlin Marathon, running 2:01:09 to break his own mark by 30 seconds. Analyzing his training to become the GOAT in the marathon could provide fascinating insights for all athletes.

For these mother-daughter duos, running fast is a family trait. A look at the mother daughter relationship of three pro runners.