Democrats spent four years waving the 25th Amendment flag at Donald Trump, mostly because they didn’t like him or his policies.President Joe Biden announced the mass pardon of anyone convicted of simple marijuana possession on Oct. 6 marking an important moment for cannabis legalization in the United States.The upcoming midterm elections could represent the most complex political calculus in history. The question is whether a potential Republican majority in the House and Senate, combined with a bloc .

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy discussed the 25th Amendment on a call with GOP leadership days after the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol and said the process “takes too long,” according to an audio recording obtained by two New York Times reporters and shared with CNN.To the surprise of no one, members of Congress have extended their abysmal record for missing the deadline for passing the appropriations bills before the beginning of the fiscal year.  Legisl. For all his talk of toning down the divisive, angry rhetoric, Biden has proven to be an amplifier of hateful partisanship.President Joe Biden is not well. The 79-year-old delivered what is perhaps the most befuddled performance of his controversial presidency on Wednesday, raising questions about whether the 25th Amendment could be invoked to remove a commander in chief who is deemed “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” What happened: While addressing. .

New documentary footage reveals Pence reacting on the night House pushed for him to invoke 25th Amendment

The documentary film crew subpoenaed by the January 6 committee interviewed former Vice President Mike Pence on January 12, 2021, a day before the House of Representatives voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump for inciting the US Capitol riot.Perhaps when life expectancy was shorter, the Constitution’s framers thought there was no need to put a cap on how old a person might be to be president.Officers in the U.S. armed forces take an oath to the constitution upon commissioning and renew it each time they are promoted to a new rank. In doing so,. Here are three things Joe Biden can do to save his train wreck of a presidency: 1. Get U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, to retire. 2. Nominate Vice President Kamala Harris to take his.

President Biden’s leadership is causing even some of his party’s faithful to wonder whether he should be the Democrats’ candidate in 2024. Even if he presided with competence, there would be places. Diversity doesn’t merely enhance education; it is integral to education.It’s not exactly breaking news that Democrats detest Donald Trump. They loathe just about everything about him. And by “everything,” I mean … everything! But in a crazy way, they love the guy they . Shortly after the election, Time magazine bragged about how a “cabal” of business and media and government folks “saved” the election by ensuring that Biden took office. Now America has to live wit….

It’s not about removing Trump, it’s about introducing a reform bill.Those of us — Republicans and Democrats — who argued or believed that a president cannot constitutionally be impeached for non-criminal-type behavior must now demand that this constitutional standa. The disaster in Afghanistan is the last straw for an American public already weary and frustrated by President Biden’s short seven months in power.This means the committee must subpoena Pence to testify in prime time.

Young voters flee Biden — but who is the alternative?

Time is not on Biden’s side. But time is the one thing Democrats have. The question is whether a viable alternative to Biden will emerge in the next two years. Some Republicans are floating an improbable use of the Constitution’s 25th Amendment to remove President Joe Biden from office in the wake of the United States’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan amid a Taliban takeover of the country’s capital of Kabul over the weekend.The aftermath of the attack on the Capitol exposed challenges of using the 25th Amendment. In its upcoming report, the Jan. 6 committee should clearly explain how the amendment works and propose legislative reforms to close gaps in its implementation.’All he can do is attack people.’. Despite the extraordinary nature of the House investigation at hand, the issues of ownership and disclosure in this case are clear.

The most damning testimony has all come from inside the Trump campaign and the Trump White House.When the 25th Amendment was debated, some political scientists expressed serious reservations.Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says that the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was the final straw for her in standing by former President Trump, confirming that she was open to u. “We’re not going to send to Ukraine rocket systems that can strike into Russia,” President Biden said at the end of May, but one day later, he announced exactly that: The U.S. will provide Ukraine .

The questioning of the President’s mental fitness has persisted throughout his Presidency. He has flipped the conversation onto his opponent.House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) played the Jan. 6 committee exactly right. Here are six reasons why.  1) Nobody cares about the Jan. 6 committee. Sure, the inside the Beltway m. Today’s hunters could become the hunted after November’s elections.The Biden administration says it simply wants to battle misinformation. The best way to start might be to purchase a large mirror.Build Back Better was a bad bill when the economy was stronger and even a scaled-down version is worse in our current economic environment.Perhaps unhappy with the soaring profile of fellow Floridian Ron DeSantis among the Trumpist base of the Republican Party, Sen. Rick Scott decided to do something about it on Monday.