. The pandemic has been tough, but the return to in-person schooling has also been emotionally difficult for Mary Norris’ 12-year-old daughter.

“In reality, I was way too shocked and polite to mention how inappropriate her response was.”. America has neglected people with serious mental illnesses for far too long. .

Addiction support crisis as charity sees a catastrophic increase in demand for its services

ADAPT, the charity providing free essential support services to recovering addicts, announces that it has seen a 75% increase in demand for its services over the last twelve months. This worrying trend is set against a backdrop of a significant reduction in nationwide funding for the support of those rebuilding their lives without illicit substances, and the Centre for Social Justice labelling the UK as the “addiction capital of Europe”. . Children love to mimic. It’s one of the main ways they learn; taking note of how people around them speak, move, and act then recreating it. So, what happens when we reduce children’s ability to learn from those around them? Many parents, carers, and educators are now having to face the aftermath of prolonged facemask usage over the past couple of years.

Waiting lists for smell and taste specialists are many months long, but you need help now. Here’s how to make sure you get the proper diagnosis and treatment you need.In 2019, the clinic had fewer than 50 mental health patients. This year it expects to serve more than 1,000.Parents and advocates say the wait for autism supports has grown and staffing has shrunk, all while waiting on the province to whittle down its own wait list for funding, which they say is keeping kids from care.At some stage in their lives, half the population will experience menopause. So why aren’t doctors happy to prescribe the most effective treatment?.

A novel technique that uses a beta blocker to interfere with memory reconsolidation shows promise in the treatment of adjustment disorder following romantic betrayal, according to new research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders. Thousands of transgender U.S. youths are medically transitioning. The treatments they receive have little scientific evidence of long-term safety and efficacy.Retrieving viable sperm from men with low fertility and from people who have used estrogen therapy for years has been a challenge, doctors say. A new, less invasive technique has promise.A rare condition called giant cell myocarditis caused Arthur Vaughn’s heart to fail. He’s since started a health-focused group for Black men and has devoted his life to helping others.

Concierge Health Care Is On The Rise — But Is It Worth The High Cost Of Entry?

The concierge health care model is helping people optimize their wellness, from on-demand medical care to integrative and functional approaches — all in a luxury setting. . A mental health provider should be there to help you, never place shame on you.New research shows that our assumptions about eating disorders are often wrong — and that many larger-bodied people are starving themselves.

Belfast Trust apologises for the move, which it says has relieved some pressure within paediatrics. BC Nurses Union has been calling for better protective measures for its members for at least 30 years. Claire Nicholls says her organs have been affected by the little-understood disease endometriosis.

. . Gene therapy holds the hope of curing cancers and HIV, but it is expensive and mostly developed in the West. So how can Africa get access and get involved?. These are the factors to consider when it’s safe to have birth after giving birth, from the method of delivery (C-section or vaginal), and how you feel mentally.