. Listening to the album anew, I can see how Carey’s songs shed light on the spiritual and psychological struggles of children of divorce (like Mariah Carey and I).

The singer-songwriter opens up about reporting her father Toby to the authorities, before he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for child rape, in her new memoir Unspeakable. Joan Didion understood the impression she made and knew how to use it. ‘My only advantage as a reporter,’ she wrote. Our new series features short, 200-word essays by Fast Forward readers about a different topic each month. October’s theme, “Beloved pets,” drew about 120 essays; here are 25 of them.

West Ham’s Sophie Hillyerd on POTS, the condition ‘that nobody else can see’

West Ham’s Sophie Hillyerd is among a growing number of athletes dealing with POTS, a condition that has been linked with Long COVID patients.Investopedia says the average American kid receives almost $20 per week for an allowance. Do you know any kids who still get an allowance?. Publication with a focus on independent film, offering articles, links, and resources.

Nick Schifrin took to the podium Friday at the end of the two-day Inaugural National Trauma Journalism Symposium, and with a somber tone, recalled the time his mother texted him after seeing him live on the air in Gaza, as bombs exploded behind him, drowning out the sound of his voice. His mother’s text read, “You can’t go before I do.”. Your emotions can affect your memories — when they form and when you try to recall them later. Learning why this happens can help you prevent it.If you love artists like Demi Lovato or Meghan Trainor, you’ve probably seen Philip Andelman’s work. And we asked him all about it!.

In England and Wales, an investigation has uncovered decades of pervasive child sexual abuse in schools, churches, and other institutions.From grueling underwater workouts to swirling trade rumors, Jaylen Brown had an unconventional offseason. But as Chris Forsberg notes in his 2022-23 season preview, the Celtics star appears hell-bent on driving Boston to Banner 18.The day I fell in love with an intellectual was when I first met you. Although I didn’t think it was love, call it that at first.While some roses stand the test of time, others wilt before the Neil Lane engagement ring can be resized. The Bachelor premiered on ABC in March 2002 with Alex Michel dubbed the world’s most eligible Bachelor. More than 20 women competed for his heart and one of the most successful reality TV franchises was. .

. Three years ago, Maxey was playing high-school basketball. Now, on the eve of his third NBA season, Philly fans have embraced him with unprecedented verve, and Daryl Morey has called him the “absolute key” to the Sixers’ title chances. No pressure, kid. InnerCityPress.com is engaged
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the five continents.Given all we’ve been through these past two-and-a-half years, nothing compares to the horror of real life watching a horror flick on the silver screen. Add to that an election year and people turning into psycho zombies well, some horror films might be considered too tame!.

. What an insane 3 days. I’ve never spent so many consecutive hours awake and alert for anyone in my life. anyone, but Taylor Alison Swift.Here’s how it went down:Thursday Night FootballWe got the teas. Rod Stewart released ‘It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook’ on Oct. 22, 2002, kicking off a five-album series.