Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children. As a result of this disorder, children can become hyperactive, less focused, and impulsive. These symptoms can later affect the child’s learning process and how to socialize. Unfortunately, ADHD symptoms vary from child to child and can sometimes be difficult to identify.

Every child may experience many of the symptoms of ADHD. So, to get an accurate diagnosis, the pediatrician must evaluate the child using several criteria. ADHD is generally diagnosed in children as young as 7 years old or in their teens. If you are worried that your little one has ADHD, here are some symptoms that can be recognized.

Recognize the Symptoms of ADHD in Children

Launching from Healthline, there are some symptoms of ADHD that you can recognize:

  1. Fun with Himself

Children with ADHD are usually unable to recognize the needs and wants of others. They tend to focus more on themselves and don’t care about others. For example, when told to wait their turn, children with ADHD tend to be very impatient and may even annoy other children.

  1. Likes to Interrupt

Self-focused behavior can cause a child with ADHD to interrupt others when they are talking or engaging in conversations or games that are not theirs.

  1. Difficult to Control Emotions

Children with ADHD may have difficulty controlling their emotions. They can vent their anger at the wrong time.

  1. Always restless

Most children with ADHD often cannot sit still. They may try to get up and run, fidget, or squirm in their chair when forced to sit. Anxiety can make it difficult for children with ADHD to play quietly or engage in relaxing activities.

  1. Unable to Complete Tasks

A child with ADHD often shows interest in many different things, but ends up having a hard time or not getting it done at all. For example, they play a compiling game or do homework, while they are working on it, your little one can suddenly move on to the next thing that interests them before completing the previous task.

  1. Lack of focus

Children with ADHD tend to have a hard time paying attention, even when someone is speaking directly to them. The little one may say that he is listening to the mother’s words, but when asked to repeat, the child will not be able to.

  1. Often Make Mistakes

ADHD can make it difficult for your child to follow instructions or carry out a plan to implement a plan. This can then make the child careless and lead to errors. However, the mistake he made was not because he was lazy or unintelligent, but because he had ADHD.

  1. Daydreaming

Not all children with ADHD are always noisy and noisy. Some children may actually be more quiet and find it difficult to socialize with other people. He may prefer to daydream and ignore what is happening around him.

  1. Difficult to Organize

Children with ADHD often find it difficult to organize their tasks and activities. This can create problems at school, as they find it difficult to prioritize homework, school projects, and other assignments.

  1. Forgetful

Children with ADHD can be forgetful in daily activities. They may forget to do chores or homework and often lose items, such as toys.