Feelings of stress are common in someone who works in an office. This can be caused by too much work, having problems with superiors or with family, to exploding monthly bills. Feelings of stress that continue to occur in a person can cause depression and anxiety disorders. So, how can Anxiety Disorder is More Dangerous than Depression?

Anxiety disorder and depression are two different things, even though they look very similar. In someone who suffers from depression , he will feel hopelessness and anger. The existing energy level becomes very low and will feel exhausted with the work that has to be done every day.

In fact, anxiety disorders are more dangerous than depression. Because, the person will feel feelings of fear, panic, and anxiety in situations that in most people will not cause it. People with anxiety disorders can feel panic attacks or anxiety suddenly without anything that can trigger them and this can be very disturbing. If not treated immediately, this disorder can limit a person’s ability to work, relate to other people, and relate to family.

Although there is no certainty, some people who experience depression will also suffer from anxiety disorders. It is stated that 85 percent of those who suffer from major depression will develop an anxiety disorder . Meanwhile, about 35 percent will develop panic disorder. Because depression and anxiety disorders have many similarities, they are often considered a subset of mood disorders.

Mental Health at Work

Someone who has good mental health can increase their potential, cope with the pressures of life, work productively, and contribute to the people around them. However, in people with depression which gradually develops into an anxiety disorder , these things may not happen. The increase in people experiencing depression has reached more than 300 million people, or the equivalent of 4.4 percent of the world’s population. About 800,000 people commit suicide each year.

There are many factors that affect a person’s mental health in the work environment. These things include interaction with work, the environment, and support for employees at work. For example, if a person has the skills to complete a given task, but the available resources are not sufficient, so that it becomes a burden for that person.

Risks that can increase the risk of other mental problems are:

  • Insufficient health and safety policies.
  • Bad management problem.
  • Limited decision making for own work.
  • Low level of support for employees.
  • Inflexible working hours.
  • The goals of the company are not clear.

Creating a Healthy Workplace

The most important thing to create a healthy work environment is when workers and managers actively contribute to the work environment. This is to protect the health, safety and well-being of all employees. There are several things that the employer can do for workers, namely:

  • Protect mental health by reducing occupational risk factors.
  • Take care of the mental health of workers by developing the positive aspects and strengths of employees.
  • Always put the mental health of employees first, regardless of the cause.