Romance is one of the things that are considered ‘difficult and easy’ to do. This is done to unite two people in one bond. Indeed, it is important to accept your partner for who they are. However, what if it turns out that your partner often experiences mood swings quickly? What should you do about the love affair ? The following is a discussion regarding the effect of mood disorders on a couple’s relationship!

Impact of Mood Disorders on Couples’ Relationships

Mood disorders are disorders associated with extreme mood swings. It is generally associated with an attack of bipolar disorder . Mental illness can affect the way a person thinks, feels, and behaves. In fact, this bad impact can also affect a person’s actions when having a romantic relationship with his partner.

Major changes in mood caused by a mood disorder can make communication with your partner difficult. Even so, the mood disorders associated with bipolar disorder if managed properly will not be an obstacle to having a healthy relationship. The thing to know is that some of the symptoms that can arise due to several episodes, namely:

  • Episodes of Mania

When experiencing a manic episode, the sufferer can have a lot of energy and can’t even sleep because of it. It can also make him more irritable and engage in some activities that pose a dangerous risk. When this symptom occurs, your partner often disagrees with your opinion, resulting in tension in a relationship.

  • Depression Episodes

A person who has a mood disorder due to bipolar disorder can also experience severe symptoms of depression. This can make him less communicative during these symptoms. The sufferer can also look so tired and sad that they don’t want to do anything. It can also reduce sex drive and become less affectionate. Sometimes, it’s hard for a partner to know what to say or do to lighten the load.

  • Mixed Episodes

When these symptoms occur, a person with a mood disorder can experience symptoms of mania and depression at the same time. This of course makes you confused about what to do with your partner or causes feelings of stress. When you take action, sometimes unexpected reactions can arise that make you feel unappreciated.

How to Deal with a Partner with a Mood Disorder

If your partner has a mood disorder caused by bipolar disorder, the relationship can certainly have an effect. He may have difficulty determining the right time to tell if he has bipolar disorder. Even so, this must be done so that each partner has a healthy relationship and knows what obstacles they face.

For that, you must know what things can be done to deal with a partner who has a mood disorder caused by bipolar disorder. Here’s the review:

  • Be sure to be aware of the underlying disorder: To have a successful and committed relationship in the long term, you must know the mental disorder that attacks your partner. That way, the obstacles that can arise are known with certainty which can determine how to deal with them.
  • Stay active in communication: You should always make sure that your partner tells you if a mood disorder is reoccurring. This keeps you from being surprised by sudden changes in attitude.

That’s the bad impact that can occur caused by mood disorders on romantic relationships. By knowing this, you will be better prepared to face the obstacles that lie ahead. In addition, someone with this disorder needs support from those closest to him so he can recover faster.