Can Children Have BED Binge Eating Disorder?

Parents may find it difficult to imagine that their children can eat a lot of food. It can even use up almost the entire contents of the refrigerator in an instant. Can Children Have BED? In fact, children, especially teenagers, can experience binge eating disorder (BED).

Binge eating disorder is a condition in which a person eats more food than he or she needs. Not only a lot but also in a short time. Eating in large quantities may be reasonable if done occasionally at certain moments.

However, people with binge eating disorder often overeat. They can eat a lot at least twice a week for several months. In addition, they also feel like they can’t control the amount of food they eat. They can’t seem to stop eating.

Understand the Symptoms of BED Binge Eating Disorder

Children and teenagers who eat a lot do not necessarily have binge eating disorder. They can have a large appetite, especially during the growth process. It usually occurs when they need more nutrients for their bodies. So, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a child has BED or not.

However, there are some signs that define normal overeating behavior. The following are signs of binge eating disorder in children:

  • Children eat large amounts of food quickly.
  • The child overeats whenever he is feeling stressed, such as having problems with friends or grades at school or when there is a conflict in the family.
  • Mother finds hidden food containers or food packages in the child’s room.
  • Children have increasingly irregular eating patterns, such as skipping meals, frequently eating junk food, and eating at unusual times (such as late at night).

Children with binge eating disorder may also have feelings such as depression, anxiety, guilt, or shame. He may not want to go to school or socialize with friends because he is embarrassed by the BED. Because the BED he experienced can cause changes in body shape and weight.

How to Help Children Who Have BED Binge Eating Disorder

How to Help Children Who Have BED Binge Eating Disorder

Parents do not need to feel anxious if they find signs of binge eating disorder in children. Here are things you can do:

  • Learn About BED As Much As You Can

The exact cause of binge eating disorder is not known. It seems that the disturbance is not caused by a single factor. Genetics, body image, dietary history, and emotional health are all contributing factors to the disorder. By understanding BED further, parents can help their children better.

  • Talk to Children Privately

Get your child to talk privately and ask him about any problems he might have. However, don’t talk about food. Remember, this disorder is not about the food, but about the feelings and problems that lie behind it.

  • Take Time to Get Closer to Your Children

Parents can invite children to do activities that are not related to food together. For example, playing games before bed or taking your pet dog for a walk. This is so that mothers can establish a closer relationship with their children and understand them.

  • Talk to Doctor

The sooner parents take their child to the doctor for treatment, the easier it will be to treat the disorder. The doctor can check the child’s overall health and refer the child to be treated by experts.

Now, parents can also talk to the doctor about their child’s health problems and seek advice on how to help their child with BED go to a specialist.