Children Addicted to Playing Games, Beware of Gaming Disorder

Playing games is one way to get rid of stress or boredom that hit. Children generally play games to fill their spare time. However, if not given good supervision, children can spend all day playing games. This should be prevented so that children do not get addicted to playing games. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that gaming addiction is defined as a mental disorder known as gaming disorder. Therefore, parents must be wise when giving time for children to play games. This is a review about gaming disorder in children that needs to be understood.

Gaming Disorder in Children

Recognize the Characteristics of Gaming Disorder

It is important for mothers to pay attention to some of the signs or symptoms of children who have experienced game addiction. That way, the mother can immediately provide assistance so that this condition does not cause interference with the health of the child.

According to the WHO, a child with gaming disorder will exhibit the following characteristics for at least 12 months:

  • Unable to stop playing the game.
  • Prioritize games over other activities.
  • Continuing to play the game despite knowing there are negative consequences.

A child can be confirmed to have gaming disorder if he exhibits the above behaviors and affects his relationship with his family, social life, and even his academics.

Game addiction can coexist with other mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and stress disorders. If your little one becomes less active for a long time because of playing games, over time he can also experience obesity, sleep problems, and other health problems. Therefore, gaming disorder should not be underestimated.

Prevent Gaming Disorder in Children

Prevent Gaming Disorder in Children

Launching from the WebMD page, gaming disorder can be treated with therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy overcomes game addiction by changing the child’s thinking about the game to help change his behavior. The therapist can also show the mother how to limit her child’s play time if the mother has had difficulty doing so. A study shows that the role of parents is very important in determining the success of children overcoming gaming disorder.

Don’t wait until your child is addicted. There are several ways that mothers can do to prevent children from experiencing gaming disorder. Such as limiting the time to play games in children. Do not let children play games for too long and exceed the set playing time limit. Because, mothers never know what kind of games can cause addiction. It is important to ensure that your little one only plays games that are age appropriate. In addition, do not let children use gadgets before bedtime. In addition to preventing children from being addicted, this method is also important to prevent children from having sleep disorders.

Create a fun play area for children at home. This can reduce children’s opportunities to play games. Make games or activities interesting for children. Such as playing water, teaching children to paint, or doing activities that children like except playing games. New experiences make children more interested in trying them.

Apart from playing, there is nothing wrong with taking your children to do light exercise at home. Inviting children to exercise regularly also provides benefits for physical and mental health. Do light exercise that children like.