From the research conducted, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is associated with an increased risk of suicide through its association with insomnia symptoms. This is because sleep disorders are related to stress management. In turn, these disorders are associated with social and self-care disorders. For more details. regarding this, see the explanation below. In other words, insomnia can make borderline personality disorder worse.

Insomnia Can Make BPD Worse

Insomnia and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), What’s the Relation?

When a person with borderline personality disorder also experiences insomnia, they tend to have negative emotions. This is because the body experiences fatigue caused by lack of rest time. Insomnia can also increase the functional disorders that people with borderline personality disorder have previously had.

Therefore, having adequate sleep quality and time is one of the therapies in the treatment of people with borderline personality disorder. In the treatment, the doctor will usually ask what is the trigger. Then, sufferers must apply good stress management to minimize the symptoms of borderline personality disorder that can get worse due to insomnia. Here are some things to do:

1. Get used to routine activities

One of the efforts that can be done to reduce insomnia is to get used to the routine. This is done to create a biological clock. That way, if you don’t do these activities, you will feel unwell. It usually takes time to make an activity a routine. For example, reading before bed, listening to music, drinking warm milk, and others.

2. Regularly Doing Exercise

Doing exercise can actually help people with BPD sleep better. It is recommended to do exercise in the afternoon so that excess energy can come out. That way, at night you will feel tired and can sleep well. Some of the recommended sports are running, swimming, or yoga. Physical exercise that can develop breathing skills can be one way to get quality sleep.

3. Avoiding Foods and Drinks That Trigger Insomnia

It is better for people with BPD to avoid consuming foods and drinks that cause them to be in a constant state. Like coffee, alcohol, and spicy food. Eating healthy foods can actually help you get quality sleep.

4. Running a Hobby

Hobbies are one way to manage stress that can help heal BPD symptoms so they don’t get worse. In addition, it can be a way to channel negative energy. By running a hobby, people with BPD can better manage their emotions.

5. Talking to Close People

Talking to those closest to you can actually help reduce symptoms of BPD, including insomnia. Sometimes the situation that makes people with BPD difficult is because of the thoughts that are running through their minds. Not having someone to share how he feels makes his symptoms worse. That’s why people with BPD need help from the people around them. Talking to those closest to them will prevent negative emotions from exacerbating their BPD symptoms.

6. Creating a Conducive Space

Another effort to help people with BPD get quality sleep is to create a conducive space in the room. It can be started by maintaining cleanliness or placing items that can help soothe his sleep. Turn off the gadget and make the room conditions calm. Also, avoiding sudden noises is another way to create a conducive space.

Insomnia and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), What's the Relation

That’s the explanation of the relationship between insomnia and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). You can follow these steps to overcome insomnia to relieve BPD. In addition, to the steps already mentioned, you need to support your body’s health by taking the necessary supplements or multivitamins.