There are many things that can cause of sleep disorders. One of them is circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is a condition when your biological clock is out of sync with your environment. It’s like jet lag, but you don’t travel,” said clinical psychologist and sleep doctor, Dr Michael Breus as reported by Bustle.

There are several things that cause circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

1. Go to bed early and wake up at night

“This condition called Advanced Sleep Phase syndrome (ASP) makes you fall asleep faster and fall asleep, but also wakes up more easily,” says doctor and neurologist Dr Nate Watson.

When you experience it, your body’s biological clock shifts so that you go to bed earlier (around 6 to 8 pm) and wake up very early (around 3-4 am).

2. Can only sleep on weekends

There is also a condition called Delayed Sleep Phase syndrome (DSP). This disorder causes you to have trouble sleeping well on weekdays, and can only feel good sleep on weekends.

DSP is the opposite of ASP which can actually make you sleep late and wake up late.

3. Irregular sleeping hours

Irregular sleeping hours and not fixed time will cause sleep disturbances. For example, sleep hours are not centered at night but spread throughout the day and night. If this happens, you may have Irregular Sleep/Wake disorder. This is usually seen in people with neurodegenerative diseases.

4. Difficulty sleeping when traveling

Jet lag is also a type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder. The more time zones you cross, the harder it will be to sleep. But once you return home, your schedule will return to normal.

5. Irregular working hours

Those who work irregular hours can have trouble sleeping.

Having trouble sleeping during the day and having trouble staying up late during work, you may have a sleep disorder due to work.

This can lead to chronic sleep deprivation.