Britney Spears has fans worried. That’s because the Toxic singer is being treated for mental disorders. Moreover, it happened shortly after Spears intended to take a break from his career and delaying the album and the appearance of ‘Britney: Domination’ in Las Vegas.

“I dedicate my energy and focus to my family,” Britney said at the time, without needing to explain further that it was because her father, Jamie Spears, was sick.

Jamie is still hospitalized and undergoing a series of surgeries. “We have a special relationship and I want to be with my family this time, like they have always been there for me. Thank you to all the fans for your love and support during this time,” Spears continued.

He apologized if it made fans uncomfortable. “I can’t wait for the time I can get back on stage and perform for you guys.”

A few weeks later Spears voluntarily enrolled in a health facility due to stress. People sources say, Spears actually have long sought expert help to overcome his mental problems. She wants to get well soon so she can be fit again.

“She wants to get better so she can be with his kids and back performing,” the source said, referring to Sean (13) and Jayden (12), Spears’ son and ex, Kevin Federline.

“She has every right to have any reason to take a break due to mental problems.”

Over the past decades, Spears is said to have visited several psychiatrists and doctors. “This [mental break] is something he wants to do,” the source added. Family was fine as long as Spears felt better.

Previously there had been rumors that Spears was hospitalized for mental health cases, against his will. That got the hashtag #FreeBritney all over social media. Not only that, several celebrities also appeared wearing #FreeBritney T-shirts.

Quoting ET, that’s since the founders of the Britney’s Gram podcast, Tess Barker and Barbara Gray claiming to have been leaked and an anonymous source said that it was Jamie’s father who was worried because Spears was not taking his drugs, then took him to the doctor.

“The doctor said, ‘Okay if you don’t want these meds, we’ll give you new ones.’ She refuses to be given new medication,” said the source, who continued that Jamie had threatened if her daughter didn’t want to, she would withdraw her support and the show would end.

He continued, Jamie then asked himself to be blamed for delaying the Spears concert.

“Britney has been in the mental health facility since mid-January. She doesn’t want to do it. From what I understand, this is not her decision,” said the source.

Spears and his family have not commented on that.

So, What mental disorder does Britney Spears have?

Reported by Rolling Stone, this Mississippi-born woman shows another side of the last 13 years of her life – which is openly controlled by her father’s conservatory.

Britney, stated that any claims accusing her of having dementia are false. The proof, all the choreography of the dancers taught directly by him.

Britney also pointed out the medications she’d been required to take for the past eight years, including Lithium, which she described as a “strong drug”.

The wound had become pus, rotting, slowly eating away at his soul. Britney, unabashedly compares herself to a sex trafficking victim. A life where he is forced to work every day. “The people who did this to me shouldn’t have left so easily,” he said.

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